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80% of the population

Will be in the workforce or eligible to work by 2030. 

35% Literacy

The current workforce is not able to read and speak beyond a 5th grade level.

3.5  Avg GPA

For students who recieve some form of assistance between the ages 4 to 18 in school and supplies.
Why Invest in Africa?

Human resources and skilled labour will soon shift to Africa. More families are depending on a few children top provide for a whole sum of aging populations.

Scholarship & Fees

Through scholarship and financial resources most students can have an equitable opportunity to go gurther ahead in life than ever before.

Our Community

Internationational back2school community is about equipping people with technology character building .

Ready to Join Us?

Learn more about us online wherever you are in the world. We serve first. The industry is increasing in the complexity and challenges that we must respond to each and every day. 


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Emelia Asamoah-SQ

Primary School


Community Building

#Discover Education

Precedents must be broken

Learning at scale meands integration of thoughts, experiences and fostering your mind.

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#Back2School Donation

All gifts are essentail to the growth of the brand and how we give youth supplies to equip them with tools for success.

Give today. Every Donation Counts

#Back2School Alumni

We rely on data points to facilitate our network and measure our impact in reducing disparities.

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What Students Say

"Having a meal and more books helps me stay at school longer."
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